Enterprise Storage in the Multi-Cloud

During the Dutch VMware Usergroup Usercom on the 7th of March in Den Bosch, I co-presented a session called Enterprise Storage in the Multi-Cloud. Paul Hilgers and I presented Enterprise Storage solutions for VMware Cloud infrastructures like VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solutions and Google Cloud VMware Engine. As NetApp A-Team members, a global... Continue Reading →

My part of the 25 year of VMware

This week VMware is celebrating its 25th anniversary and it’s a good reason to stand still by such an amazing milestone. The blog of my colleague Luciano gave me the idea to post my first experiences with VMware back in the day and what it meant for my career. The first encounter Back in 2004,... Continue Reading →

VMworld 2021 – Imagine that!

It has been a while since I wrote my latest blog and a lot has happened over the last 16 months. With the birth of my second daughter in March 2020 and the pandemic happening, I lost track of time for my blogs. As I started at ITQ, the #1 Dutch IT-Consultancy firm focusing on... Continue Reading →

VMware EMPOWER 2020 (Online Edition)

Last year in May, together with 2 colleagues, I visited VMware's partner event in Lisbon, Portugal. This event offered a Technical and Sales track which was meant to train the partners as well as the VMware employees. This meant a huge list of Keynote and Breakout sessions in which the partnership and the different products... Continue Reading →

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