NetApp Insight 2020 – London

On Tuesday Februari 4th my day started pretty early with a flight to London from Schiphol Airport. This short flight brought me almost straight to the first UK based NetApp Insight. This one day event was the first of 3 EMEA events NetApp is hosting this year and is a new setup of the before... Continue Reading →

VMworld Europe 2019

Hi all, This blog was my attempt to keep track of all interesting things that happened during my visit to VMworld 2019 in Barcelona. It was my first attempt to create a live blog which I updated multiple times a day so I hope to hear what you think of this format. Day 0 Day... Continue Reading →

VMCE v9u4 exam experience

How great the year started as mentioned in my previous blog it also declined to a terrible year due to personal circumstances. After a few months in which I invested in my family to support them through a hard time I'm finally back on track. I will try to let this come back into my... Continue Reading →

NetApp Insight 2018 in retrospective

From the 3rd till 5th of December Barcelona was hosting one of the most interesting tech events, NetApp Insight. As my previous blog shows, I'm no rookie to this event but it stays special every time. Now 2 months after the event it's time to put my experiences on paper and see what announcements made in... Continue Reading →

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